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Sacred Circle


The Sacred Circle

After worship has ended and congregants have visited with one another, The Sacred Circle gathers. It does so for several reasons: to comfort and challenge us; to discuss what has brought us joy and sorrow; to provide an opportunity to know others and be known; to feel safe and trusting; and ultimately, to enhance our growth as the people of God.

Because each meeting is self-contained, partKBrooks Cosmosicipants may attend as often as they choose. All will be welcomed.

Participants shape the arc of the discussion including the topics. Sometimes, the focus might be on personal support. At other times, the talk may focus on a spiritual insight. The gathering might choose a public policy question. The hope is that each week participants will from their experience using their heart and mind.

The mechanics are simple. Ten minutes or so after the conclusion of the service, I will ring a chime. This sound signals that the meeting will begin in five minutes usually at the rear of the sanctuary. The discussion will last approximately forty-five minutes.

I will facilitate on most Sundays.
It is my prayerful wish that you will join The Sacred
Circle. Now please, consider doing so.
-Richard Forcier

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