Worship Life

Altar (2)Worship that Sustains Us

Together at Trinity, we follow Jesus as we love God with our whole heart, soul and mind and love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40), and seek to restore each other and all of creation to unity with God in Christ (Book of Common Prayer).

The way we practice our liturgies, is critical to sustaining our intense level of ministry in the world. It is our anchor. Trinity’s worship style includes both ancient and modern, both joyous celebration and intimate sharing of prayer and praise. Every Sunday, the congregation gathers around the table for the Prayers of the People. At Eucharist, we welcome everyone to the table.

The second Sunday each month is Morning Prayer adapted from the Church of South India. It is led by a member of the congregation, with a homily offered by a lay preacher.  It provides an opportunity for all members to reconnect with a prayerful daily spiritual practice.

The third Sunday each month we use a modern Eucharist that originated in Ottawa, Canada. That Sunday, communion elements are shared with one another around a circle. Both these services focus on peace and justice, asking us to reflect on the connection between faith and life. Other Sundays are Eucharists using the Book of Common Prayer.

Our music at Trinity  is unusual and wonderful. It uses selections from many traditions and sources in a wide range of styles from traditional hymns to spirited new songs. Music is chosen to tie into the scripture lessons for each Sunday. A small group of gifted musicians and vocalists called the “Joy Ensemble” lead our prayer and praise in kbrooksriveroflovesong.

The worship is not over at the end of the Liturgy; many of us gather in a Sacred Circle to share our responses and reflections on the lessons, or sermon, or opportunities for involvement, etc.

The sanctuary is wheelchair accessible; use the side door at the left end of the church on Bates Street.  There is also a handicapped accessible restroom just inside this entrance.