Trinity Episcopal Church

A doorway to compassion and courage. Empowering members and serving neighbors in Lewiston, Maine.


Trinity practices a mutual, shared ministry between clergy and laity.  We are currently in a search for a priest serves 1/4 time, who serves as primary liturgist, teacher, and pastor.  The 7 member Vestry takes responsibility for overseeing the parish finances, building maintenance and planning. Vestry meetings are held after worship on Sundays and are open to all. A pastoral team tends to the needs of both neighbors and members. The Joy Ensemble plans and leads music for worship. Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers and parish members and guest preachers participate in leading worship and preaching.

We all encourage and support each other’s ministry daily in the world. 

Why Trinity Church?

“We love coming to Trinity because it is a welcoming, soul-nourishing community where we can play and pray!”  – Ben and Nicola Chin, and Anjalie


“I am at Trinity because the community inspires me and gives me courage to do my work in the world everyday. I am challenged and fed spiritually each Sunday, it grounds me and keeps me going.”      – Klara Tammany

“After ‘church shopping’ for over a year, Trinity feels like home. It is wonderful to find a place that is so welcoming, so much a part of this neighborhood and one that is having a positive impact in the community.” – Andrew Day

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Trinity Episcopal Church, Lewiston Maine | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion